Have you ever seen another woman and thought...

"How does she look so good?"

"I'd be that confident too if I had her clothes"


I think we've all thought something along those lines. I know I have, and I'm a personal stylist!


But here's the thing.


You know those fashionable women that you envy? Their closets are so spectacular because their wardrobe is built on a foundation of classic pieces.


Just like you can't expect to build a beautiful house on a crappy foundation, you can't expect to build an incredible wardrobe with no foundation (or at best, a spotty one).


That is exactly why we created Building a Classic Wardrobe: THE BASICS. This e-book is specifically designed to help women just like you discover the 20 foundational items every great wardrobe is built on. 

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Does this sound familiar?

Wasting time and money on clothes you never wear?

Do you have clothes hanging in your closet with the tags still attached? Do you stare into your closet every morning thinking, "I have nothing to wear!" but have no idea how to fix it?

Overwhelmed by the idea of revamping your wardrobe?

Change on any level can be overwhelming...so we decided to make it fun! Our e-books are designed to be like magazines: enjoyable and informative. 

Confused about where to start?

Starting can be the hardest part...but it doesn't have to be! Our best-selling e-book Building a Classic Wardrobe was designed to be the perfect starting point. 

Finally! A simple approach to looking better.

Building the Classic Wardrobe: THE BASICS was specifically created to be an easy starting point for women looking to improve their wardrobe. It is designed for women of all ages, body shapes, and sizes who want to ALWAYS look confident in their clothes.

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What our readers are saying...

"Thank you for writing this e-book! I enjoyed it and continue to keep studying it. The minimal, direct approach of gathering specific pieces works well for me—not overwhelming at all. And when I know exactly what I’m looking for, and can search for it online, it’s so much easier to shop. I appreciate your expertise!"

-Kendra M.

Creating the perfect wardrobe is easy!

Know what you deserve

You deserve to look and feel fabulous in your clothing. Period. No more excuses!

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Download and enjoy our digital book anywhere your phone, tablet, or computer will go!

Take control of your wardrobe!

Put your new knowledge to use and feel confident knowing you look great.

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Accessible across most all devices, Building the Classic Wardrobe: THE BASICS is a resource you'll use over and over to refine and perfect a wardrobe you can truly be proud of.

Stop wearing 'just whatever'.

You deserve to look your best and looking your best shouldn't be difficult. 

Building the Classic Wardrobe is the easiest way to start revamping your wardrobe and start looking your best every single day. 

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