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The ONLY luxury item you need

TLDR: Forget luxury name brand stuff, spend your money on cashmere sweatpants. I recommend these. No, I'm not getting paid (or compensated in any way) to endorse these. 

Okay, to be one really needs a luxury item. That's what makes it a luxury...but stick with me here. 

It's really easy to get swept up into luxury brands (or even the new trend: luxury off-brands like Italic). I'd like to think I'm not affected by marketing and labels, but that's simply not true. I often find myself asking, "would I still buy this even if it wasn't XXX brand?" The answer is often no. 

There is one absolutely luxury item I will never hesitate to buy: cashmere sweatpants. 

My first pair of cashmere sweatpants came from Everlane. My mother-in-law bought them for me off my Christmas list and I added them to the aforementioned list purely out of self-indulgence. 

They were absolutely amazing and I wish I had bought multiple pairs. 

For one, they are super warm without being hot. I can't even describe what is happening there and I'm pretty sure it's magic (although I have taken textile chemistry classes and it's probably science, but whatever). Wear them in the winter and you'll never get warm. Wear them on a summer night and you'll stay nicely regulated. Like I said...magic. 

Not only are they warm, but they are also indescribably soft. And even though I just said it's indescribable, it's like a million chinchillas sleeping on your legs. That sounds a little more creepy than comfy, but take my word for it; I own a chinchilla. 

My original pair of Everlane sweatpants lasted me about 3 years of constant use. I can't even begin to tell you what my cost per wear was. Maybe $0.01? (I'm a nerd and I actually did the math and it was something like 13 cents)

I literally wore those pants until there was a hole in the butt that was unavoidably large. After a couple of weeks of brainstorming how I could possibly save the pants (there was no hope), I finally gave up and had a funeral. RIP cashmere sweatpants. 

The death of my pants was horrible timing. They kicked the bucket in the winter and during the pandemic. 

While everyone was sitting at home lounge-working, cashmere sweatpants (and loungewear in general) became a hot item. Like, I couldn't buy a pair if I wanted one. 

I shamelessly stalked way too many websites until (finally!) a pair came back in stock. This time, the brand of choice (or should I say necessity because no one else restocked in time) was SummerSalt

I actually first bought a pair for my sister-in-law for Hanukah. She loved them. I think her direct words were, "I'm never taking these off." A month later, I was able to snag a pair. 

The SummerSalt pair is slightly thinner than my original Everlane cashmere pants, but they were also about 50 dollars cheaper. That being said, the SummerSalt pair is very high quality, especially for the price tag of around $95. 

I'm not saying that I've worn my new sweatpants every day for the past five months, but I've definitely worn these sweatpants every day (including right now) for the past five months. They are holding up exceptionally well. 

For those of you who are worried about laundering- don't. I mean, launder your pants by all means, but don't worry about it. I use a delicate eco-friendly whatever detergent from the grocery store (read: not fancy) and wash the pants on a delicate cycle with my underwear, bras, and compression socks (man, I sound cool). Then I air dry them and that's it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

My only regret is not buying one of the super cute matching tops SummerSalt has to go with the pants. But hey, my birthday is next month and don't really need a reason to buy cashmere do you?

All in all, if you're looking for a completely unnecessary purchase that you (or a loved one) will actually use and enjoy- I highly recommend cashmere sweatpants. Completely indulgent but practical. As far as I'm concerned, it's the only piece of luxury clothing that actually needs to be in your wardrobe. 

 Hope you love them as much as I have!




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