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How to wear sneakers at work

Sneakers. Tennis shoes. Tennies. Call them what you will, but they're the beloved rubber-soled footwear we often associate with working out. 

This has changed dramatically in the years leading up to the pandemic and then climaxed in 2020. 

High fashion houses like Chanel started showing sneakers on the runway. Clunky and (like a lot of fashion) impractical, these 'ugly sneakers' paved the way for acceptance of mass-market tennies in the workplace. 

Tennis shoes don't work in all workplaces. If you're a corporate lawyer- you probably can't wear tennis shoes. If you are advertising director- then yes, you might be able to get away with it. If you're unsure whether sneakers are allowed in your workplace, check the dress code manual or ask HR. 

If they are allowed...then keep reading for the 3 tricks to making sneakers work in the workplace (without risking your professionalism). 

TIP #1: Dress up everything else

Intuitively, you know this. If you wear sloppy...

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The ONLY luxury item you need

TLDR: Forget luxury name brand stuff, spend your money on cashmere sweatpants. I recommend these. No, I'm not getting paid (or compensated in any way) to endorse these. 

Okay, to be one really needs a luxury item. That's what makes it a luxury...but stick with me here. 

It's really easy to get swept up into luxury brands (or even the new trend: luxury off-brands like Italic). I'd like to think I'm not affected by marketing and labels, but that's simply not true. I often find myself asking, "would I still buy this even if it wasn't XXX brand?" The answer is often no. 

There is one absolutely luxury item I will never hesitate to buy: cashmere sweatpants. 

My first pair of cashmere sweatpants came from Everlane. My mother-in-law bought them for me off my Christmas list and I added them to the aforementioned list purely out of self-indulgence. 

They were absolutely amazing and I wish I had bought multiple pairs. 

For one, they are super warm...

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Thirdlove vs. Lively: Bra Review

If you’re anything like me, your Instagram feed is clogged with intimate ads from what feels like a new company each day that is trying to claim a piece of the 11 billion dollar intimate industry pie (according to Transparency Market Research).

For years, it was really just Victoria’s Secret and department stores. Now, there’s Adore me, Lively, ThirdLove, True & Co., and HarperWilde just to name a few.

These are mostly online-based companies which means you can’t actually try the undergarments on…which leaves me wondering: Can these companies lure in new buyers with only claims like, “the most comfortable bra you’ll ever own” and “a better fitting bra- no measuring required”?

Curious, I decided to see for myself. I purchased comparable bras from two of the biggest new online intimate retailers: ThirdLove and Lively.

Here’s my official review.

ThirdLove (yes, technically it’s all one word)

I chose...

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The best t-shirt for every body shape

A t-shirt is just a t-shirt, right? You might think that until you put on one that ‘just doesn’t look right’. Keep reading to see which t-shirt will look best on each body shape and my favorite picks at every price level.

Please note: I use affiliate marketing partners to help make shopping easier for you. When you click on affiliate links, I will receive a small amount of compensation at no extra charge to you.

Pear-shaped women are smaller through the chest and shoulders, have a defined waist, and are wider through the hips and booty area. (Not sure what shape you are? Take the Quiz!)

Look for t-shirts that…

  • Are fitted or semi-fitted. Loose t-shirts will hide your waist and make you look bigger on the bottom than you are. Choosing more fitted options helps define your curves.
  • Are boat neck, square neck, or scoop neck. The more horizontal the neckline, the better the t-shirt will look on you. That’s because it visually makes your top...
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Easy and stylish work outfits

It’s not always easy getting dressed for work, especially since dress codes are starting to trend more towards casual than professional. You used to wake up, put on a suit or dress (and stockings of course!), and head out the door. 


Now, it’s much more complicated.

What does business casual mean? How can I wear jeans without looking sloppy?

The answers to these questions aren’t simple and can’t be contained in just one blog post. However, I hope to provide you some ideas and insight that will make your morning ‘getting ready for work’ routine a little bit better.

Ps. All outfit pictures are from Pinterest and can be found here.


Keeping your work wardrobe to just neutral colors with one or two signature colors makes dressing easy AND it looks sophisticated. I call that a win-win.

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How to wear a long cardigan (for every body shape and type)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Copy-of-look-stylish-when-its-cold-683x1024.png

From the runway to stores like Target, the long cardigan is everywhere.

And for a good reason.

It's comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear. The perfect layering piece, a long cardigan can go with anything from a pair of jeans to a ball gown.

And...the best part is that the long cardigan can be worn by any body type and shape! Here's how:

Pssst. Not sure what body shape you are? Click here to take the quiz!



Apple shaped women are wider throughout the waist than the hips and chest (here's everything you need to know about dressing Apple body shapes).

Apples will look best with their long cardigan unbelted and open. Resist the urge to close up the cardigan as it will actually make you look taller and skinnier when you can see the rest of your outfit under the cardigan.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is longcardigan.jpg
Extra weight around the middle? You'd never know it in this outfit!

See more apple outfit ideas on this Pinterest board.




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Outfits that are both comfortable and stylish

Why is it that we feel style and comfort are mutually exclusive?


When I put on ‘comfy clothes’ they usually consist of cashmere sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt. Meanwhile, stylish clothes may involve heels and a dress.



That’s probably what a lot of people think…and they wouldn’t be wrong.



But what happened to all the middle ground?



Is it possible to have your cake and eat it too? Of course. Here’s how:




Stop thinking of comfy and stylish as opposite ends of the same spectrum.

Instead, think of them as two overlapping spectra. Some clothes may be a little comfortable and a lot stylish and others may be really comfortable and really stylish. It’s like diet food tasting terrible. Sure, some diet food isn’t good, but not all diet food tastes terrible. Once you grasp that, you will have an easier time with your diet. Likewise, once you understand that...

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How to look stylish- even when it's cold outside


It feels like only a few months ago that I was writing a blog post on how to dress in hot weather.


I live in Northeast Georgia where the humidity combines with high temperatures in the summer to create a sort of permanent outdoor steam room. In the winter, though, we may dip down to freezing a few times and scatter some snowflakes every three years for the fun of it.


I feel incredibly lucky that I don’t live somewhere cold currently, but seen that side of the weather spectrum too.


Surviving in negative 40-degree weather in Upstate New York is one thing. Looking fashionable in said icebox is a whole other thing.


I’ve had the privilege of living everywhere from New York to Arizona and quite a few places in between (helloooo Iowa!) Most of these places were cold as an iceberg during the winter and, much against my will, this Georgia girl learned how to dress for the winter- and dress well.


Here are the top tips I learned from...

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How to wear: white boots

how to wear white boots


White boots: arguably the most popular and terrifying trend to try this Fall/Winter/Next Spring and Summer.


The popular part you get; white boots are all over blogs, style mavens, and *gasp* even some brave 'average' people. Terrifying might need a bit more of an explanation.


Some trends are easy to pick up and run with. One such example of this is plaid. (In fact, I did a whole post on plaid outfits for every age- from Target!) White boots, on the other hand, are a bit more daunting. What should you wear them with? What should you NOT wear them with? How does this work with the whole 'don't wear white after labor day' rule? (Hint: that's a rule you buck in this case)


There are questions, I know. But I'm here to give you my top tips on wearing white boots and maybe even give you enough inspiration to go out and try your hand (foot?) at this season's biggest footwear fetish.


Tip 1: Don't put away your cropped pants just yet.

It's not every season...

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The art of layering clothes

The formula to layering clothes


Layering clothes– it’s what makes an okay outfit an amazing outfit. It’s where personality and creativity take off.


But it isn’t always easy.


If basic outfits are simple 1+1=2 arithmetic, then the art of layering is algebra. There are formulas and ways to solve for x and make a great outfit, but you have to know them (by instinct or learning). With that said, I would argue layering is considerably more fun than algebra.


Here’s your general formula for layering clothes:




Your base garment is the simplest version of your outfit and basically whatever is needed to keep you decent. In the below example, the base garment is jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy, just a top and bottom so you don’t get in trouble for public indecency. There are 20 pieces of clothing that I consider base (aka the basics) garments and are the...

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